La Bodega group
La Bodega Group

García Sánchez Family has extensive experience in the catering industry, whose beginnings go back to restaurants like Bar Casa Pepe or the well-known in Cadiz
‘El Cantábrico 3’ self service.

In 1983, the restaurant was decided to be remodeled and changed from its original self-service into a tavern cellar type, hence its name: La Bodega.
the first Pizzeria La Bella Italia was opened in 1985, located in the Plaza Ingeniero de la Cierva.
On August 21st, 1991 opens a second restaurant in the Plaza Fragela.
In 2006 Garcia Sanchez family decided to go for the fourth establishment dedicated to home delivery.
In March 2014, opens a new restaurant, Pizzeria La Bella Italia located in Plocia Street.

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La Bodega restaurant

Restaurante la Bodega - Paseo Marítimo, 23

La Bella Italia - Plaza Ingeniero de la Cierva, 4 / Plaza Fragela. 2 / Marqués de la Ensenada, 23 / Plocia 2

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